Moviepudding is a food & movies newsletter by food writer and film critic Elissa Suh, whose written for T Magazine, Grub Street, Eater, MUBI, Nylon, Filmmaker Magazine, Screen Slate, and more.

She started this newsletter as a space to unload her opinions and curate recommendations that don’t always fit into the traditional mold of journalism and publication calendars.

What to expect:

  • Micro assessments of movies and restaurants

  • Unconventional film criticism, and observations on food in the movies

  • Eccentric film and food pairings

  • Restaurant notes, scene reports, and general appetitive lusting

Why subscribe?

Life is too short for bad movies. And bad food.



Food and film, and their occasional overlap.


Elissa Suh

Culture writer and film critic. Life's too short for bad movies and bad food.